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School & Universities Security

When it comes to educational institutes tackling security in an efficient and effective manner can pose a huge challenge. With both schools and especially universities encompassing a diverse range of people not to mention a vast variety of buildings from accommodation blocks through to libraries, you need a solution that has the flexibility to cater to a variety of situations.

This is where Unit Security have devised the perfect university and school security service which offers all the following to guarantee your institute the level of protection it needs:

  • Controlling of access points to eliminate intruder risk
  • Onsite CCTV monitoring for a rapid reaction
  • Mobile patrols of campus and accommodation facilities
  • General maintenance services
  • Prevention and diffusing of volatile situations
  • Reduction of onsite theft and violence


Schools and in particular universities can be seen as small scale towns encompassing their very own commies, housing not only a vast number of students but a diverse range too and it’s imperative that we provide a service that respects this. Parcelled with this is the huge range of facilities onsite, which are often not only miles apart but also accessible 24 hours a day, which poses an even greater risk to your students. This is why here at Unit Security we not only provide mobile security patrols to cover your entire premises but supply dedicated university and school security guards to work around the clock.

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With a vibrant atmosphere which is often subject to late night activity and intoxicated individuals, schools and universities are home to a range of situations which will need our attention. From brawls, vandalism to bullying we have the proactive approach that will ensure your students, visitors, parents and staff are reassured your institute is a secure environment. With an abundance of expensive and specialist equipment onsite not to mention the personal belongings of your students, you need to have the correct measures in place to ensure these remain safe.
If you’re looking to hire security for universities or security for schools you know who to call.

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Phone :

+44 333 5670566

London Office:

+44 203 9836408

Unit Security
Security for the Life

Established in 2014, Unit Security Ltd is proud to offer a complete range of security guard services and Support Worker services throughout the UK delivered by our team of fully SIA licensed and trained guards and QCF/NVQ Level 2 Qualified Support Staff.

Unit Security Ltd is registered as a Limited Company in England and Wales under company registration No.09338583