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Rapid Deployment CCTV towers

Reduce Your Costs with Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers that provide real-time video monitoring with motion detection to help prevent crimes, theft and vandalism on your Construction, manufacturing, warehousing and property management sites.

Unit Security is the sole Regional Security Partner of OnGarde, providing the latest and innovative CCTV tower systems in Europe. Our teams can deploy these CCTV towers on a short notice and get you up and running within 1 hour. You can supplement your existing manned guarding, mobile security patrols and dog patrolling with the latest CCTV towers that can also help prevent false alarm.


If you are looking to save long term costs on security and surveillance, you can prioritise renting these towers and slowly phase out the less effective security services. Unit Security has a UK based CCTV monitoring/ surveillance unit in the North West (Manchester) to meet your immediate needs.

The features that make our OnGarde Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower & System include:   

1. Tried & Tested system used by large organisations in the UK (incl. Heathrow Airport, Carey Group, Costain

2. Robust & Highly Visible Deterrent

  • 8ft high vandal proof base that weighs half a tonne
  • 24ft central column with LED & IR floodlights,
  • HD quality PTZ Dome cameras
  • Audio warning system built into the system
  • 72 hr battery backup (can be left on over the weekend)

3. Rapid deployment providing 24/7 security and peace of mind

  • Quick Mobility and deployment of site
  • Fully operational within 1 hour
  • Connected to Remote Video Response Centre
  • Real-time Video Monitoring with 4G access
  • Internally fixed DVR for high-quality backup

4. Video Contents Analytics capability built into the system

  • Using advanced military technology including thermal imaging
  • Unique Motion Detection in designated zone to prevent false alarms
  • Doesn’t require you to manually monitor your site 24/7

5. Supports Sustainability Objectives with Renewable Sources

  • Standalone solar powered (no additional power source required)
  • Also includes a Fuel-backup system
  • Up to 6 months without the need for a service
  • CO2 neutral, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint, achieve goals
  • No additional operational costs like diesel, generator, etc.
Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower Solutions | Manchester | Leeds | Bradford | Liverpool | Sheffield |

Industry Usage 

Effectively used on many different types of sites as a standalone or a supplementary system to manned guarding, mobile patrolling or dog patrols. The system is being used by top construction/ civil engineering companies in the UK.

Construction Sites
Manufacturing Sites
Industrial Parks
Property Management Unit
Warehouse & Logistics
Heritage, High Asset Value Sites
Critical National Infrastructure Sites
Remote Utility Sites

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Phone :

+44 333 5670566

London Office:

+44 203 9836408

Unit Security
Security for the Life

Established in 2014, Unit Security Ltd is proud to offer a complete range of security guard services and Support Worker services throughout the UK delivered by our team of fully SIA licensed and trained guards and QCF/NVQ Level 2 Qualified Support Staff.

Unit Security Ltd is registered as a Limited Company in England and Wales under company registration No.09338583