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Drone Patrol Security and Surveillance

Drone Patrol Security and Surveillance Services delivered by CAA licensed Drone Pilots with Full Liability Insurance Cover to augment mobile patrolling and deliver safe, efficient and scalable security services.

At Unit Security, we are one of the pioneers in Drone Patrol Security and Surveillance Services in the UK. We believe that integration of futuristic technologies like Drones/UAV is essential to deliver high quality service with increased efficiency and to optimise the delivery of services.

Our inhouse Drone Patrol Security and Surveillance Services enables you to:

  • Provide greater situational awareness to align and co-ordinate security efforts
  • Deliver services more cost-effectively and efficiently with better value and instant support
  • Provide better health and safety to your clients through remote-monitoring of high-risk situations or otherwise inaccessible areas
  • Carry out situation and risk assessments at scale, especially to evaluate incidence response and crisis management
  • Create a deterrence with night-vision patrolling technology with superior visual quality
  • Delivery Rapid Alarm Response on large sites/ estates with real-time access to site footage
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There are many different ways you can use drone patrolling and surveillance for your security needs. These include:

Drone Patrol Security and Surveillance | CAA Licensed | Liability Insurance
1. Threat Response with live video
Drone Patrol Security and Surveillance | CAA Licensed | Liability Insurance
3. Manual surveillance missions – Adhoc or for specific tasks
Drone Patrol Security and Surveillance | CAA Licensed | Liability Insurance
2. Scheduled Patrols on pre-determined paths
Drone Patrol Security and Surveillance | CAA Licensed | Liability Insurance
4. Robotic AI Intrusion Detection (Raid) – for autonomous patrolling

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Drone Patrol Security & Surveillance services can be used at a variety of sites, which include:

Solar farms
Oil & Gas installations
Heritage Sites, Landmarks & Wildlife Parks
Construction sites
Large Parking Lots
Large Warehouses
Large Estates & High Value Sites
Wind farms

Subject Matter Expertise:

We have been working in the industry and flying drones for a while and have developed expertise in this domain. In the Drone industry as well, there are “Horses for Courses”. For instance, a drone with eight arms/rotors (Octocopter) has a better payload capacity than a comparable drone with four arms/rotors (Quadcopter). If you want several cameras on one drone, you have to make sure that it can carry the weight and at the same time also maintain its stability when flying. Furthermore, if the drone is required to fly long distances, then you need larger batteries, which likewise will have an impact on the weight and the stability of the drone. Therefore, it is important to clarify your needs before investing in a drone.

The technology used for all drones is developing rapidly.  The latest versions are packed with everything from the highest resolution cameras with live streaming to ‘sense & avoid’ technologies, ensuring that a drone does not fly into various objects along its route.

The rapid developments within drone technology are setting high demands for the legislation, aiming to ensure that new drones and systems can be used. We are CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) licensed Drone Operator
When you are using drones as a work related tool, different factors will have an impact. The weather, in particular, has a big influence on whether or not your drone can be used. 

Fog and heavy rain can be an issue due to the pilot’s limited visibility. The same issue applies to darkness. In this matter, however, there are several solutions, which would make the flight possible — including thermal or infrared cameras and a light on the drone. Night flying requires a special permit and exam

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Phone :

+44 333 5670566

London Office:

+44 203 9836408

Unit Security
Security for the Life

Established in 2014, Unit Security Ltd is proud to offer a complete range of security guard services and Support Worker services throughout the UK delivered by our team of fully SIA licensed and trained guards and QCF/NVQ Level 2 Qualified Support Staff.

Unit Security Ltd is registered as a Limited Company in England and Wales under company registration No.09338583